Aerial Surveyors


We provide an extensive range of mapping services across Australia including:

  • Farm and Agriculture Aerial Surveys, ideal for applications such as paddock drainage & irrigation dams
  • Stockpile and Volume Aerial Surveys.
  • Aerial Mapping and high resolution image capture for Project Feasibility Studies & project documentation.
  • Aerial surveying for dam proposals, watershed calculations & landslide assessments.
  • Aerial photography for real estate sales, track mapping, residential subdivisions, farms and estates
  • Mapping & Monitoring of sites, such as Council Refuse Areas
  • Asset mapping and management
  • NIR – Near Infrared Imagery for vegetation health surveys
  • Site level surveys for development proposals, such as residential and rural subdivisions

Aerial Surveyors

Increase Efficiency with the Help of Our Aerial Surveyors, we service and provide Aerial Surveyors in Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

At 3D Mapping Solutions, we use advanced aerial surveys to provide information on many things not visible from the ground. Our technology and techniques can capture images to help you make decisions about your project and improve its efficiency.

We Offer Comprehensive Services

Our aerial surveyors in Tasmania servicing Australia wide have the proper training to carry out every project with efficiency and accuracy. We provide an extensive range of mapping services, including the following:

  • Farm and agriculture aerial surveys
  • Stockpile and volume aerial surveys
  • Dam proposals, watershed calculations and landslide assessments aerial surveys
  • Vegetation health surveys (using Near Infrared Imagery)
  • Site level surveys
  • Project feasibility studies and project documentation aerial mapping
  • Real estate, track mapping and residential subdivisions aerial photography
  • Site mapping and monitoring
  • Asset mapping and management

We Are Committed to Excellence

At 3D Mapping Solutions, we don’t take our job lightly. The commercial use of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) requires business and controller certifications through the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). Our team is made up of the only CASA registered commercial aerial surveyors. We have the training and certifications to survey your area and obtain the necessary information.

Originally set up as a sister business to Woolcott Surveys/East Coast Surveying (qualified land surveyors), we now successfully complete both land and aerial surveys. As a separate company from our land surveying business, we continue to contract other land surveying companies and complete such projects in a timely fashion.

We’ve modelled our 3D Mapping Solutions business on the idea of efficiency, and we continue to improve our practices daily. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer every client a cost-efficient and safe solution for their mapping requirements.

For more information on our services, contact us at 03 6332 3760 today.